Here are the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Consumer Car Loans:

Is there a cost for the car loan application?

No, there is no cost or obligation. A local dealer will contact you.

How long is the application?

The application takes about one minute to complete.

What is the next step after I submit the application?

Your application is processed by our auto dealer network and
an authorized representative will contact you shortly.

Does it help my loan application if I have a co-signer?

Yes, a loan cosigner increases the chances of approval of an auto loan.

Can I trade in my existing car for another car?

Yes, once your car loan is pre-approved, you may trade your car for another one.

What types of automobiles can I apply for?

You may apply for any car, sports utility, or van.

What will be the interest loan rate on my car loan?

Interest rates will vary depending on your application and market conditions.
**Please note that each state has controls on interest rate limits.**

Is this application for new cars and used cars?

Yes, you may purchase new or used cars.

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