Car Versus SUV – What’s the Best Choice for You and Your Family?

Car Versus SUV – What’s the Best Choice for You and Your Family?

Car Versus SUVIf you are in the market for a new car, the following question often arises.  Should I purchase a sedan or an SUV (sport utility vehicle)? When considering the purchase of a new car, you need to decide which type of vehicle will fit your needs today as well as into the future. You also need to take several factors into consideration including your family size, budget, lifestyle, safety and driving needs. Both sedans and SUVs are very popular with drivers today however they are completely different in terms of size, comfort, storage space, fuel consumption and handling.

Following are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the right vehicle as well as some pros and cons for sedans and SUVs.

What Are You Going To Use The Vehicle For?    

If you have young children that you need to get in and out of car seats, a minivan with sliding doors may be a good option. If you need extra space for things like strollers or sporting equipment, SUVs provide more cargo space and passenger room than most cars, but if you are commuting to work alone most of the time then you may not need the extra space.

Where Do You Live and Where Do You Drive?

If you live in an area with severe winter weather, then the four wheel drive power and higher suspension of an SUV may the best option. If you need a vehicle capable of transporting you over any type of terrain you might encounter, the SUV is the automotive category to consider. These larger vehicles often fare better in mountainous, wooded, or rough terrain areas. However, if you do mostly highway driving, then the higher fuel costs of SUVs may be a problem and if you need to get around in tight congested areas or park in cramped lots, then a sedan may be a better choice.

Is Fuel Economy Important?

With the increasing cost of gas, many consumers factor fuel mileage into their car buying decisions. Today many SUVs are designed to be more like cars, with smaller engines and better fuel economy; however they are often still bigger and heavier, which means they will cost more to operate.

Safety Concerns

Safety plays a large role in the decision making process when it comes to purchasing a vehicle – especially a family car.  According to Access Magazine, “It is extremely difficult to determine the inherent safety of a vehicle type or model, because driver characteristics and behavior (speed, use of seat belts, aggressive driving, etc.) and environmental factors (such as road conditions) cannot be adequately accounted for.” However, a larger SUV does provide more protection than a smaller compact sedan. It is best to take many factors into consideration when it comes to safety; a vehicle analyst at AutoWeb adds, “It’s always best to choose a newer family vehicle over an older model, as advancements in safety technology help late-model vehicles avoid many common crashes due to inclement weather, blind spots, or driver distraction.”

SUV versus CarSedan and SUV Comparisons

According to an article featured on U.S. News & World Report, “Sedans typically get better mileage than SUVs, so the total cost of ownership of an SUV is typically higher and could rise dramatically if gas prices were to spike. Few SUVs can match the ride comfort of a sedan, and it’s rare that an SUV will be described as sporty. You can secure valuables more easily in the trunk of a sedan than in the open cargo area of an SUV. On the flip side, SUVs offer roomier interiors and cargo areas, better visibility due to higher driving positions, plus generally better inclement weather and off-highway performance.”

When you are selecting a new vehicle, always keep your preferences, style, needs and budget in mind when making a final decision. If you are in the market for a car and you are interested in obtaining financing for a new or used vehicle, fill out an application at and get the financing you deserve.